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Our Members range in age from 13 to, well... more-than-13.

We're often asked if our members are railroad employees. Surprisingly, not that many. But our membership includes lawyers, entrepreneurs, civil servants, ad agency marketers and more.

We are currently accepting new members. Contact us for more info.

KMRR Perpetual Pass Holders - In Memoriam

JIM DURF - 2007


A lot of glue holds the Keystone Model Railroad club together and Jim was a big part of that. As a master modeler, he was responsible for many of the structures throughout the landscape of the club layout. Look closely at the White Water Brewery to see some of his handiwork. Move along the rails and you will come to a station stop on the main line: Listen on Channel 8 and you will hear the dispatcher give engineers clearance to “take the siding at Durf; report clear of main.” 


For over a decade, Bill Lee was the Stationmaster at the Keystone Model Railroad Club and usually the first smiling face visitors would see. His lifetime hobby was trains and his domain ran from the East end of the Town tunnel to the bridge at the start of the line's main classification yard.

That ~30' long yard is now named "Lee Yard" in his honor.


Controlling the passenger tracks at White City along with the freight passing siding, engineers would check with him for clearances that he coordinated with the dispatcher by phone. Mild mannered and cheeful, Bill always had an answer to any question by visitors at club Open House events. Look closely; some say they even see him waving from the subway car passing through the station even today.


A designer and artist by trade, Bernie always had a quick drawing and a ruler in his hand at the club. Structures built from scratch or drawings were his specialty including the station at Wallys and Upper Wallys and the company houses just up the road next to the scrap metal dealer. With an eye for color and perspective, many landscape features along the Upper Branch line show his exacting handiwork.


Take a look beyond the roundhouse at West yard and you’ll see the tunnel portal bypass reporting point; it’s marked KN (Kline) for our friend Bernie.

Harolld J. Stahle, Jr. -  2016

Harolld J. Stahle, Jr. (AKA "Bill"), a charter member

of the Keystone Model Railroad Historical Society,

helped establish and build one of the best model

railroad clubs in Central Pennsylvania. Bill's efforts

helped secure and preserve the historic power sub-

station of the Dillsburg trolley line that serves as the club’s


The last station before entering the line's terminus at Wally Yard is now named 'Stahle' in honor of his contributions.

A lifelong resident of Cumberland County, his interest in

trains and work with the other founding members resulted

in our 20 x 50 ft. “empire” that represents the bridge route

connecting New York with points West across

Pennsylvania. His input resulted in a steel mill, coal mine,

rural passenger stations and rolling countryside found

across the width and breadth of the layout.

Other Members

Good news: You don't have to die to be 'memorialized' by KMRHS.


Yes some features like Lee Yard, White City, Stahle Station and KN Junction are named 'in memoriam'. But many towns, industries, rolling stock, etc. on the layout are named after current still-actually-living members. Those include:

  • The tugboat Calhoun

  • Heaney Coal Co. (FWIW, Mr. Heaney is actually one of our YOUNGEST club members, but his dedication and effort for the club is second-to-none)

  • Owens Energy Co.

  • The Bowman passenger car

  • Etc.

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