Arriving White City
arriving at river
At White City
what do you want for christmas
at upper wallys
arriving at coaldale
greeting kids at river
greeting kids at coaldale
entering wally2
christmas at the hotel
entering wally
branch bridge
awaiting santa at summit glen
greeting track workers
greetings at wally
greetings on branchg
greetings at wally2
juvenile delinquents - the railroad dicks are on em
heading up the branch
juvenile delinquents
ho ho miners
santa greets slum kids
santa greets hotel guests
santa greets at summit
santa at summit glen
on the branch
santa at roseville
on the branch trestle
on branch trestle
santa greets kids at durf 2
santa greets kids at durf
santa vs outhouse
santa on the branch
shelf bridge
we three kings
signal at durf