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The Keystone Midland Route: Overview

The Keystone Midland is a "Bridge Route" running from White City to Wally - two imaginary towns in Central PA - modeling a post-war era railroad in the late 1940's/early 1950's.

As a 'bridge' route we run both our own KMRR local freight and passenger trains, as well as hosting 'through' trains from regional lines.

Here's a brief rundown of our operation:

  • Our main terminus is White City, the largest city on our line, and a terminal that handles passengers and REA shipments destined to travel on various partner lines such as Lehigh Valley, Reading, PRR, etc. 

  • Next to White City is Lee Yard, a large freight classification yard with a comprehensive loco-service facility. Here we classify freight for both our own local and 'through' trains, as well as servicing locomotives for both ourselves and partner lines.

  • Heading out from White City / Lee Yard our first destination is a PP&L power plant. A frequent customer for coal deliveries as well as other ancillary items. 

  • We then hit Roseville, a small town with a station and a couple industries: A ladder factory, a large warehouse, etc.

  • Just past Roseville there is a large ADM grain mill on a river. It receives raw grain shipments and processes them into milled grain. From its silos it ships out milled grain by train and barge. 

  • After the mill we next hit Dukwlo on the other side of the same river. It's primarily a passenger station and also home to "River" junction which supplies a large Bethlehem Steel Foundry. 

  • Leaving Dukwlo our next stop is the Lady Jane Coal Mine and its nearby town of Coaldale.  Coaldale is a passenger station and also a destination for deliveries to its general store, etc.

  • From Coaldale we proceed onward past industries such as Forbes Wallpaper, where raw materials are delivered and finished goods ship out.

  • After leaving Forbes, we pass by Heaney Coal, a local coal distributor where coal is delivered in and empties hauled away. We then proceed to Stahle, primarily a passenger station.

  • Next stop after Stahle is Champion - a large meat-packing & stockyard facility. 

  • After that is Wally, our main-line terminus. It's both a passenger station and our second classification yard. The main line then returns passengers and freight from Wally to White City.

  • From Wally, we also operate a 'branch' line heading up into the hills and serving small towns and industries. Towns on the branch line include Summit, Upper Roseville, and Summit Glen among others. Passenger service on the branch is mostly handled by RDCs. Some RDC's simply run passengers from the Branch down to Wally to connect with a 'proper' train, while others run the full circuit from White City to the branch and back. The branch town of Summit Glen hosts a hotel, pavilion and lake as a traditional 'mountain' vacation destination and passenger traffic is heavy 'in season'.

  • Industries on the branch tend to be smaller, including a sawmill, dairy, brewery, scrap yard, etc. Local freight trains pick up loads and deliver empties to these industries, bringing the finished goods to Wally Yard for shipment onward.

If some of our names seem "odd", you should know that most of the towns, junctions and industries on the KMRR are named after long-serving and/or "in memoriam" former members of the club.

If you'd like a 'photo tour' of the route, please click here.

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