Keystone Midland Operating SesSIONS

KMRHS is an "operations focused" club meaning we run the Keystone Midland like a real railroad would operate. Trains run on a schedule with specific destinations, cargo and work. Operations are coordinated by dispatchers, run by crews, and even have 'paperwork' to do like a real railroad.

If that's appealing to you and you'd like to consider joining the club, come to an operating sesssion. You can meet our members and get 'hands on' with our operations. Please click "contact us" above, tell us a bit about your model railroading background and experience, and we'll coordinate a visit.

Operating session guests are typically partnered with a current member to learn how to operate a train. This usually starts by observing your partner member operating a train, then working with them to run a train together. Normally, by the end of the first session, you'll serve as the 'crew' of a train under your member's supervision. 

Our 2020 Operating Sessions start at 6:30pm and are as follows:

  • January 21st

  • February 18th

  • March 17th

  • April 21st

  • May (none)

  • June 16th

  • July 21st

  • August 18th

  • September (none)

  • October 20th

  • November 17th

  • December (none)

If you'd like a more 'casual' experience of KMRHS, where you can simply watch the trains run and view the layout, check out our Events Calendar for open houses and our holiday display layout at Ft. Hunter.